Amama and Abu

July 28, 2006


There are tons more but this one I like 😀  Mummy’s even got it enlarged and put up.  It was taken the day they were leaving.  But I’ll be meeting them again in December.


Snug as a bug

July 8, 2006

snug as a bug

I had new aunty come in to help mummy look after me and her name is Pemba.  Mama has known her for 10 years or mora, a long long time.   Well, Pemba Aunty had me swaddled and put me to bed on the day bed in the study. I felt real cosy and had a great nap and now I find that they’d been busy taking photographs!  Being a celebrity is tough.  They never never stop clicking!!


Mama and Daddy worked very hard to get my birth announcements in the mail. They had this photograph sent out and you can see the card below.