When translated it means Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Birthday


Priceless look

October 28, 2006

with mommy

A girl’s got to cry when she’s got to cry. With the family’s reputation at stake I need to build up my lung capacity. 😛 And this is a good time to do so as at my age folks pretty much ignore the yelling and screaming.

And sometimes inappropriate moments seem just perfect. Have to have some fun sometimes and get to see that priceless expression on mummy’s face – embarassment!


This is one instance where I’m told I look like Nanda masi when she was my age.  And Nanda masi has something of my Abu’s mother in her.  Well, unless I see the black & white photograph that they keep talking about I’m not able to comment. She looks different now. As soon as I lay my hands on the photograph I’ll put it up here and you can see for yourselves. In the meantime, here’s one of Nanda masi and me ( of course! ). She’d come visiting during Diwali. Most weeks she makes special trips home just to see me. I love that!

Nanda masi and me

Diwali with Dada & Dadi

October 22, 2006

Dada, Dadi and me

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Diwali!. This is the festival of lights and I celebrated my first this year with my parents, grand parents and Nanda masi. Diwali marks the victorious return of Vishnu’s avatar Ram from Lanka. It is celebrated a day earlier in South India. Since I am a part of both the North and South, I get to celebrate on both days! My parents thought me too young to light diyas or the crackers so I guess I’ll see them next year? I got sooo many new clothes, lots of kisses and we skipped the “first thing in the morning, before sunrise” oil bath as Pemba Aunty gives me one in any case everyday 😀

with mum and dad

Yay! I can sit up!

October 13, 2006

I can sit up!

You dont know just how long I’ve been wanting to do that! I can now sit up (with a bit of help :P) and even hold my neck up straight on my own. wheeeeeeeeeeee!