We’ll put up a photo of the cake as soon as Mummy finds the time. I recently went for my first birthday party and so I know that mine is going to be an extra special treat. It’ll be fun to have folks who are about the same size as me and understand me perfectly. I’m sort of looking forward to the gifts too. Hope Mummy lets me check them all out! And before I forget, the party is at home today at noon! Sorry for the late notice but you are all invited!


I could draw too!

May 16, 2007

I can be a painter too!

There are all these things that I’m discovering that I can do.  It is sooo exciting!  Ujwala Pachi has made some drawings of me and with all these hidden talents that I’m discovering I think I  could draw too!   And Pachi, how about some from recent photographs?

Father & daughter

my little niece

all that hard work
It’s been a while and I need to update my blog.  It’s just that I’ve been so busy.  Catching up will take some time and I couldn’t wait to share some good news with you.  But I’m not putting up the photos that you’d expect to see. Here’s one of me sleeping instead.  Now for the news – I’m what you’d call “potty trained” now and gosh my parents are so proud of me. I didnt know it was such a big deal!

Swinging is one more new thing that I’ve tried and really enjoy. Growing up is turning out to be fun filled and exciting and now if only they’d stop playing dumb and reply to all my questions it would be fantastic. They act as though they cant understand me and seem to be trying hard. If I can understand them why cant they understand me?? I’ll just learn their language as these things come easy to me. The poor dears dont seem to be able to pick up things quite as quickly.

what do you call these things?