Ram is here!

May 8, 2008

I was kinda getting tired of knocking on Mummy’s tummy and asking Ram to come out to play! I’m so excited now that he has finally decided to show up!


Hello world!

June 10, 2006

I was born on June 10 a bit past midnight. My mother says that my journey out was not too difficult and that I did all the right things like coming out quickly and crying at the right time. I think I would love to remember all the thinking I did when I was growing in her stomach.

things looked strange

If you want to see more of me on that day you could see them at shutterfly. My dad uploaded them there and you can also see what he had to say.

In her stomach?!?

January 14, 2006


Mummy says that I was in her stomach – in her STOMACH!! Well, I guess she must know but it does seem a bit odd. But I’m used to that. I’m there in this picture too, it’s just that you can’t see me.

This was taken by Amama in their Living Room.