Priceless look

October 28, 2006

with mommy

A girl’s got to cry when she’s got to cry. With the family’s reputation at stake I need to build up my lung capacity. 😛 And this is a good time to do so as at my age folks pretty much ignore the yelling and screaming.

And sometimes inappropriate moments seem just perfect. Have to have some fun sometimes and get to see that priceless expression on mummy’s face – embarassment!


Made for Me

August 4, 2006

Art for Uma

There was a lot of debate about what was going to be made, who was going to make what, whether the colors matched etc. Finally, the consensus was to select some pictures from my books and the colors were chosen individually. Mummy has been painting for a while and Amama used to a long time ago. For Abu and Nanda masi drawing was something they hadnt done since leaving school and here they were painting their master pieces in oil! I’m really happy to receive such a gift and they are hanging proudly on my wall. I hope they make some more 😀